Telephony System is LIVE!


Today is the day! Be sure to have your agents log in and establish their new virtual phone number. It’s extremely easy to set up and even easier to use! Here is a step-by-step and if agents would like to attend a webinar, see the link below. These webinars are full YourMedicareSunFire trainings. Reply to me directly if you would like separate trainings specifically for call recording added.


  • From your dashboard, go to your profile
  • Scroll down and select “Add dialer phone for recording”
  • Enter in the area code of your choosing (You can only have one phone number)
  • Click “Add dialer phone”
  • And the system will generate a virtual phone number for you in that area code
  • Once you see the full number appear, you’re ready to make and receive calls!


To register for a webinar go to