Customer Lookup Now Available on



If you hadn’t heard yet, a couple weeks ago we announced the addition of Beneficiary Eligibility Query (BEQ) being added to YourMedicareSunFire. If so you may have thought to yourself “What in the world is that?” To put it in a simpler term, it’s a customer lookup and that’s what we’re calling it to avoid confusion. Here’s all the information agents can pull by simply adding their client’s Medicare Number, Birthday and a Zip Code. PowerPoint attached as well. Check it out!


  • Confirm the MBI number matches the CMS database
  • Check LIS subsidy eligibility
  • Confirm A&B effective dates
  • Inform the Agent when the customer is missing Part A or B dates
  • Display current coverage and prior coverage*
  • Prevent a customer from re-enrolling in their current plan
  • Medicaid Eligibility (True/False)
  • Enrollment form is prefilled with MBI, A&B, DOB, Addresses (res. and mailing), and Medicaid status (Yes/No)


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