Compliance Bulletin
Post AEP Client Communication
January 10, 2018

Have you contacted your clients that made plan changes during the Annual Election Period ("AEP")? Do you have your meeting notes for reference when you contact your client?

Medicare Advantage to Medicare Supplement

  • Have you confirmed the Medicare Supplement Insurance eligibility?
  • Has the beneficiary received their carrier ID card?
  • Does your client require a visit to review their new coverage?

Medicare Supplement Insurance to Medicare Avantage Plan

  • Once you have confirmed the Medicare Advantage Plan acceptance, did you verify the Medicare Supplement Cancellation?

New Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) or new Prescription Drug Plan (Part D)

  • Has the new member received their carrier ID card and Welcome Kit?
  • Are you confident there is a complete understanding of all out of pocket expenses?
  • Is a referral required to visit a specialist?
  • Does your client have the carrier's Member Services phone number?

Client Communication is Key

The first three months can be a time of transition and confusion for your client. Stay in contact so there is no need for the beneficiary to file an allegation with Medicare or the carrier. Call them; respond to a client call within 24 hours.

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